The Digital Experience Standards connect us around a shared outcome: helping our customers achieve their goals. Our customers interact with a variety of digital elements as they make choices and complete tasks. The Standards bring those elements together into a cohesive system driven by our customers’ goals and the energy of our brand. It all starts with our principles, which guide us to create digital experiences that are usable and meaningful. Our digital experiences are strongest when they are backed by a common visual language. On top of that foundation, we build a universe of components and templates that represent best practices in human-centered design.

The Standards are designed to grow and change over time to reflect the work of teams across our organization. As our digital properties evolve, so will the Standards. As someone who uses the Standards, you are a critical part of that process. We welcome your feedback and collaboration!

Who this is for

The Standards are for anyone who plays a part in creating digital experiences for our customers:

  • Designers can find common components and templates and learn about the basics of our visual style.
  • Developers can pull design variables, code snippets, and templates.
  • Content creators and brand communicators can find tips for writing for the web and content-related guidance for specific components.
  • Researchers and usability professionals can understand our best practices and contribute evidence to strengthen the standards.
  • Managers can find tips to reinforce decisions and templates to streamline processes when creating digital properties.