XS $spacing-xs 4px 0.25rem
S $spacing-s 8px 0.5rem
M $spacing-m 16px 1rem (base)
ML $spacing-ml 24px 1.5rem
L $spacing-l 32px 2rem
XL $spacing-xl 48px 3rem
XXL $spacing-xxl 64px 4rem
XXXL $spacing-xxxl 72px 4.5rem

Throughout the Cigna Digital Experience Standards, look for these annotations to indicate use of space increments within components and templates. When measuring against text elements, these measure the space to the bounding box of the text based on the line height (not the text baseline or descenders of the text itself) – this aligns with how HTML/CSS will render spacing as margins and padding.

Horizontal Spacing
Vertical Spacing