Effective user interface design often relies on dependent or conditional actions, e.g. user must do “x” to allow for condition “y” — a common use case for this “authorization” or “user agreement” interactions which can only proceed when the user accepts a specific criteria.

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Please create a valid password to continue. Valid passwords have 6-12 characters, at least 1 number and at least 1 letter. Spaces aren't allowed but the following symbols are: _ ! . & @

  • The initial state sets the checkbox as unchecked and the submit button as disabled. Cancel or back options are available if the customer does not want to continue/agree/authorize or wants to go back within a multi-page form.
  • If/when the checkbox is checked, the submit button is activated and the user can submit/cancel/go back.
  • If the selected checkbox is unchecked, the submit button becomes disabled again.