Health insurance is complex. It's our goal to streamline our digital properties to cut through the complexity of our industry and simplify ideas for our users. A simpler, more intuitive experience is better for everyone. We know it's not easy. It takes aggressive curating, editing, and prioritizing to create a streamlined experience.

But there are great benefits to simpler solutions:

  • An improved mobile experience. Simplifying our digital experiences means less room for confusion when users complete tasks on a smaller screen.
  • Easier to use. It takes less cognitive effort for users when they have fewer choices and a clear path forward. Having more choices does not lead to higher satisfaction.
  • Easier to maintain. Including fewer features means fewer business rules and interactions that need to be updated over time.

Designing for Simplicity

  1. Define what's critical to include on a screen, and use that as a starting point for a hierarchy of information and visuals. Hide or remove anything else that's not a high priority.
  2. Remove distractions, such as images, content, or navigational elements, that don't help users accomplish their goal.
  3. Give users the information they need to make a decision in that moment. Provide no more than is required to complete the given task and move forward.
  4. Remove long paragraphs and break information into chunks: Use bullet points and subheads, highlight important information, and use short blocks of text. Users are more likely to scan small amounts of information than read it from start to finish.
  5. Use familiar, conventional elements across digital properties. Something consistent and predictable will feel less complex to our users than something new and different.
  6. Test solutions early and often to ensure they're clear and intuitive. Users should not have to ask questions like, "Where do I find what I'm looking for?" When they do, it's an opportunity for designers, developers, writers, and business stakeholders to work together to simplify the experience.